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unMonastery embeds committed, skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from them, by opening a space within that locality as a base for those individuals - an unMonastery site. The intent is to reproduce the best of the social functions of the traditional monastery: giving its members a greater purpose, a chance to develop deep relationships with one another through living and working together, and a degree of freedom from the need to generate personal income in order to live for the duration of their stay. Most of all, it exists to serve the community, providing what would benefit it most.

The Artmonks of the Art Monastery apply the intentionality of monastic living to the creative process. Through this approach, we commit our life and work to the intersection of three fundamental modes, each of which we consider essential to the existence we strive to create for ourselves and all humans: - Art & Creativity - Spirit & Contemplation - Ethics & Integrity

Spiritualität, Kontemplation, Gesundheit, Ganzheit (erster Themenkreis)

My Monk - die Seite rund um Stress und Entspannung, Yoga, Meditation, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Selbstverwirklichung

Soziales, Wirtschaft versus Kultur, internationale Entwicklung, Arbeit und Technik (zweiter Themenkreis)

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